1973 Dodge Dart Rust repair

Dodge Dart Rustrepair

June 27, 2015 BigBlockMopar 1

The time has come to face the serious situation at hand and something I had posponed for a long time already… Rust, rust and some more rusted metal! I knew the rust had to fixed [more … ]

Broken torsionbar

December 2, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

Today’s commute to work started off with a loud bang. The driversside torsionbar had snapped near the front. Driving around with a snapped torsionbar makes one value a proper working suspension a bit more 🙂

1973 Dodge Dart Rear sheetmetal fix

’73 Dart Rustrepair

November 1, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

The rust-issues on the daily Dart are becoming slighly ‘worrying’. Reason for me to start of repairs in the form of a simple patchpanel, formed from a flat piece of sheetmetal. Ofcourse I should have [more … ]