Internally balanced bigblock Mopar Torque convertor

Mopar Stall speed specification chart

December 6, 2019 BigBlockMopar 0

Below you’ll find a chart with 1960’s factory torqueconvertor stall speeds in relation to engine size. [table caption=”MOPAR Stall Speed Specification Chart”] Engine Model (CID), Transmission type, Engine Speeds (RPM) 170 Slant Six, A904-G, 1500-1700 [more … ]

Mopar LA SmallBlock Camshaft

Mopar valve adjustment chart

February 4, 2018 BigBlockMopar 0

The following valve lash/preload adjustment chart is based on the original Mopar Performance valve adjustment chart as found in the Mopar Performance Enginebuild manual(s). Hydraulic camshafts, when used with adjustable rockers, require ‘Preload’. Usually measured [more … ]

A500/42RH Chrysler Automatic Transmission

A500 Overdrive transmission

December 7, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

Found myself an A500 / 42RH overdrive Transmission from a fellow Mopar guy recently. I’ve been wanting a ‘lighter (internal) weight’ transmission for a number of years now and since they’re not really common overhere [more … ]

Mopar Torsion Bars

Mopar Torsion bar length chart

May 12, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

[table]Vehicle, Length, Diameter, Rate, Part no., Mopar adv. application A-body, 35.8″, 0.810″, 90, P5249148, Drag Racing A-body, 35.8″, 0.830″, 100, N/A, 6-cyl. Production bar A-body 340, 35.8″, 0.870″, 120, P5249149, Resto 340 A-body 383, 35.8″, [more … ]

Chrysler Mopar Wheel Alignment settings specifications

Mopar wheel alignment settings

January 1, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

When using modern radial tires on the rear wheel drive ’50/’60/’70’s Mopars, front wheel alignment can/should/needs to be adjusted for more and better steering response and overal safer handling of the car. The following chart [more … ]

Mopar LA SmallBlock Camshaft

Mopar LA Smallblock camshaft specifications

December 12, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

Mopar Factory camshafts in LA small block engines. [table]Engine,Setup and cam,Lifters,Lift in/ex,Duration 273,2 barrel through 67,Mechanical,395/405,240/240 273,2 barrel 68-69,Hydraulic,373/400,240/248 273,4 barrel,Mechanical,415/425,248/248 318,2 barrel 67,Hydraulic,390/390,244/244 318,2 barrel through 88,Hydraulic,373/400,240/248 318,4 barrel,Hydraulic,430/444,268/276 318,roller cam,Hydraulic,391/391,240/240 340,4 barrel 68 [more … ]

BigBlockMopar B/RB Distributor Length

Mopar Distributor Shaft Lengths

December 4, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

Mopar Distributor identification guide by measuring shaft length, measured from mounting surface to lower end of distributor shaft. Mopar LA engine – 3.875” Mopar B engine – 3.5″ Mopar RB engine – 4″ – Chrysler [more … ]