A500/42RH Chrysler Automatic Transmission

A500 Overdrive transmission

December 7, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

Found myself an A500 / 42RH overdrive Transmission from a fellow Mopar guy recently. I’ve been wanting a ‘lighter (internal) weight’ transmission for a number of years now and since they’re not really common overhere [more … ]

Chrysler Mopar Wheel Alignment settings specifications

Mopar wheel alignment settings

January 1, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

When using modern radial tires on the rear wheel drive ’50/’60/’70’s Mopars, front wheel alignment can/should/needs to be adjusted for more and better steering response and overal safer handling of the car. The following chart [more … ]

BigBlockMopar B/RB Distributor Length

Mopar Distributor Shaft Lengths

December 4, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

Mopar Distributor identification guide by measuring shaft length, measured from mounting surface to lower end of distributor shaft. Mopar LA engine – 3.875” Mopar B engine – 3.5″ Mopar RB engine – 4″ – Chrysler [more … ]