1967 Chrysler Newport


This car originally came with a 2-bbl 383ci engine, 727 automatic, and a 3.23:1 non-SureGrip 8-3/4 rear axle.
Here are the technical specifications of the car:

(1966) 440 +.030.
‘915’ heads w/ home port&polish.
2.08 / 1.74 MP valves.
Crane 1.5 Gold Roller Rockers.
KeithBlack Hypereutectic Pistons (237), zero-deckheight.
0.040 piston/head clearance. 11:1 cr (measured).

Erson Solid cam (256@050, w/ 0.534 lift) 2 deg. advanced. Crower Solid Lifters.
Edelbrock Double Roller Timing Chain.

Edelbrock Torker (old) intake manifold.
High Volume Oilpump with stock pan.
Mopar Performance windage tray with extra drainback-holes punched.
1-3/4″ Heddman Headers.
Mopar Performance elec. ignition w/ old black ECU.
Jacobs Inline CD Ignition System.
MP Steelcore ignitioncables.
Stock LY-rods. ARP bottom end.
Stock forged crank w/ org. bearingsizes.
Fully balanced assembly.
Solid steel engine-mounts.
800cfm Thermoquad. Tweaked acc. to DemonSizzlers recommendations
Carter Electrical Fuelpump w/ stock 5/16 fuelline.

3800 Dynamic Stall Convertor. Transmission is stock

Rear axle
8 3/4 housing with 742 SureGrip and 3.91:1 gears.

325/50/15″ Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro

Update: 2001-10-29

Installed my Thermoquad today. Had too make some ‘trialruns’ ahum, to tune it of course….

1967 Chrysler Newport
Update 2001-10-07

Just installed a set of 325 / 50 / 15 MickeyThompson tires at the rear. The babies are over 12″ wide, and fit without a problem. :o)

1967 Chrysler Newport-FatTires02 1967 Chrysler Newport-FatTires03 1967 Chrysler Newport-FatTires04 1967 Chrysler Newport-FatTires05

Update: 2001-09-05

Waiting inline at the Drachten-dragrace…

1967 Chrysler Newport dragstrip Drachten 1967 Chrysler Newport Dragstrip Drachten

At shot of my car at an earlier race this year….


Update: 2001-08-26

Currently I’m swapping engines again. Last year’s 440 will be back in the engine-bay…. Power will be restored!!! :o)

Bigger cam, higher stall-convertor. I’ve installed an Erson Racing Cam, 258@.050 with .534 lift. I’m using a 3800 Dynamic Stall convertor…. Might be ‘fun’ for a daily driver…

Here the patient is ready for the heart-transplant….

1967 Chrysler Newport- engine swap

1967 Chrysler Newport- engine swap

The engine, still with the Propane fuel-system installed.

1967 Chrysler Newport-06

…4 hours later, the 383 is out of the bay….

1967 Chrysler Newport-08

…Here, it’s ‘new’ but ‘been there before’ heart is waiting to get in….

I painted the car myself after I had enough of the red color it had before. It took 6 spraycans to do the whole car. I releaved the tired 383 from it’s duty, and installed a well-used, running 440 in the car.

This engine lasted only a couple of months, as it had worn pistonrings. In that time it had broke the top-pistonrings in 5 cylinders !! After removal of this engine I installed my rebuilt 440, which is shown in the engine section on this site. In the mean time, I had swapped the rearaxle for an Imperial unit, which had SureGrip, but only a 2.91 gearset. First dragrace I did with this car showed a 14.7 on the 1/4 mile. And after I installed the biggest jets I had in the carb, it went 14.2! Still with the 2.91 gears in the back. I bought a set of 3.90 Richmond gears, and installed these in the axle.

The car has ran a best ET of 13.78 on the 1/4 mile as of yet. And this run was made with two worn lobes and lifters in the engine, which I found out later…

1967 Chrysler Newport - Tire wrinkle Dragstrip

1967 Chrysler Newport - Esso gasstation

Last year I had this dual carb setup on the 440. It consisted of 2 – 625 Carter carbs with a simultanous throttle linkage. Straight out of their boxes, the carbs didn’t require any adjustment other than idle speed. This combo had great throttle response. With this combo I made the 13.7 run, but only after I stepped up the jets quite a bit in the carbs.

1967 Chrysler Newport Amsterdam dragracing

1967 Chrysler Newport Amsterdam dragracing

1967 Chrysler Newport Amsterdam dragracing

1967 Chrysler Newport Amsterdam dragracing

Here I am doing a burnout for a (illegal) dragrace against a 4-sp ’70 Roadrunner…. [i]sssht! [/i]

This is how I bought the car….!

1967 Chrysler Newport

1967 Chrysler Newport

Blah!! An engine-bay without about 15 years of TLC!
Aaahh. That’s a bit better.

1967 Chrysler Newport

I once wet-sanded my car (on the street!!) because I thought I would paint it soon.
How wrong I was…. Five years later I still hadn’t painted the car.. :o/

1967 Chrysler Newport


  1. 67 Newport, WOW says it all !! This is my favorite video clips to visit and revisit and share with ~ 33 car nuts and reshare a year or two later. Someone is having WAY too much fun !! Rust and paint chips and body dings, who cares ?? When it goes like the perverbial bat out of somewhere hot and firey. Great meaty 12″ tires on there, too. Originally, I thought it was a couple of hosers from Canada with their Moosehead beer and all, but I see you’re in the Netherlands. This simply puts a smile on my face with every visit. Keep on truckin and having too much fun over there.
    I’ve long enjoyed the hot stock powertrains of 2 Plymouth VIP’s (top of the line, rare Fury model) An electric blue metallic 68 was my first one, 4 door hardtop, 383 4 bbl, dual exhaust & dual snorkel air cleaner and 3:23 rear end instead of the more loafing 2:76 ? ratio. I drove it to 190,000 miles over 15 years. It got rusty and eventually I sold it. Found a 2 door 67 VIP with same hot drivetrain that spent its life in sunny and salt free Arizona. A young fellow found it there about gone to the crusher and hovered all around it for several years bringing it back to life and nice shape. “I bought it on EBay” and had it shipped to MN. Way to go Joe Dirt Mopar nut. It’s fun to go for cruises with on hot evenings or whenever there is NO salt to be found. It’ll slay one tire in low, or second gear chirp at the 35 mph authoritative shift point of a 43 year old tranny. Just like my first VIPster.
    From Minnesota, USA. Bye.

  2. I was 7 when my folks bought a new ’67 Newport. It was the first car I drove (illegally at 12). Since then, I have been a fan of large American sedans. I currently drive a ’06 300c. I’ve always wanted to find a similar blue 4 door to have as a “project”.

  3. I got one of these for sale. Do you know anyone interested? It goes fast as hell, I’m guessing, but it has a little stopping problem. Its sat for a while and the rear brake hose blew out. Damn, I wanted to see it on the road. Engine runs well, and we are done working on it. Interior is good. body is solid. We just want to make it go away and could use some help. Feel free to contact me. I am in Minnesota. Thank you and nice work on yours!

  4. LOVE YOUR PICTURES. I Have a 67 Chrysler Newport that my dad purchased new. Still has the original paint, perfect interior, runs smooth. I recently had the headlight switch melt. This is the only problem I have ever had with the car. Can’t seem to find one anywhere. Would you have an extra that you would consider selling? Or maybe have the name of a parts store that you know has one. It’s a one of a kind, has a toggle switch and that wire pigtail with a plug on the end on the back side. Never have taken mine racing, looks like your having a great time! Thanks.

  5. Hi JD,

    I don’t have anything much left of this car. It was 10 years ago was I last owned it.
    I would keep an eye on Ebay for parts.
    For lightswitches it is always best to rewire the headlights behind a relay. This takes the burden of the lightswitch itself and it will live longer. Added plus are the brighter headlights aswell.

  6. Hey ik heb je fotos en filmpjes gezienen zag het kenteken en toevallig heb ik jou auto gekocht maand geleden maar heb er nog niet mee gereden staat in mijn garage zit er een 440 blok? En hoeveel pk heeft ie gr jeroen

  7. Hoi Jeroen,

    Grappig om te zien dat de auto weer terug in de regio is.
    Ik heb als laatste handeling een 361ci motor in de Newport gehangen. Wat er daarna mee is gebeurd weet ik niet. Dit was bijna zo’n 10 jaar geleden inmiddels alweer.
    Weet wel adh van Marktplaats-advertenties dat de auto het hele land door is geweest.


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