Mopar LA SmallBlock Camshaft

Mopar valve adjustment chart

February 4, 2018 BigBlockMopar 0

The following valve lash/preload adjustment chart is based on the original Mopar Performance valve adjustment chart as found in the Mopar Performance Enginebuild manual(s). Hydraulic camshafts, when used with adjustable rockers, require ‘Preload’. Usually measured [more … ]

440 Engine Build - Offenhauser dual quad intake, Edelbrock heads, Hooker headers, Moroso 11mm sparkplugcables

440ci BigBlock Mopar enginebuild

December 29, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

In September 1998 I started the rebuild of this 440 engine. 440ci (1966) w/ 0.030″ overbore. ‘915’ heads w/ home port&polish. 2.08 / 1.74 MP valves. KeithBlack Hypereutectic Pistons (237), zero-deckheight. 0.040″ piston/head clearance. 11:1 [more … ]

Crank trigger log TunerStudio MegaSquirt

Crank trigger sensor testing

August 14, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

For testing the crank sensor on my 360ci engine build, I mounted the pulley-assembly on the lathe and spin-tested it, while checking its signal through the MegaSquirt ECU and a laptop; Here’s a little videoclip [more … ]

Mopars @ La Baraque

October 11, 2015 BigBlockMopar 0

Today was one of the last meetings of the year. This Mopar-only meeting was held at Party-center La Baraque near the town ‘Zevenhuizen’.