New Exhaustsystem – Dougs Headers, X-pipe and Borla Pro-XS mufflers

1973 Dart - Dougs Headers - Full exhaust
1973 Dart - Dougs Headers - Full exhaust - X-pipe with Borla ProXS Mufflers

For the planned 360-engine I decided to upgrade the exhaustsystem on the Dodge Dart.
Through the local partsdealer Parts-n-Stuff I ordered a set of Dougs Headers, SummitRacing X-pipe kit and a pair of Flowmaster tailpipes all in 2.5″ diameter.
I also happen to stumble upon a pair of new-in-box Borla Pro-XS mufflers for a good price.

After a few days of pure hell and doom…, err “carefully installing” the headers and rest of the exhaustsystem, I finally had updated everything from front to back.
Before this, the Dart still had its stock castiron manifolds, a dual, fully seperate 2-1/4″ exhaust system with generic turbo mufflers and bends that were ‘pushed in’ by the tubing bender.

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