1959 Dodge Coronet

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1959 Dodge Coronet - Prepared for transport in USA
1959 Dodge Coronet – Prepared for transport in USA

Click here to view all the updates on the ’59 Dodge Coronet


  1. Can I fit a 440 in a 1959 dodge coronet four door, and where do I get the motor mounts? Also what rear end would you recommend. The last question is how big of tires can I fit?


  2. yes you can fit a 440 big block mopar engine in to the engine bay because i have 59 dodge coronet that had a 440 that i put in it then it started rattling real bad and it sounded like it was in the bottom end but it turned out to be the flex plate bolts had come loose i figured that out later but anyways i then turned around and took my time not letting any body rush me and i built a beefed up chrysler 400 big block and put back in it , it was one of my spare blocks ,i bought it as a back up engine ,it had 77 d-100 upper motor mounts on it so i used what i had and i bolted them to the oringinal lower 59 frame mounts and the chained them to get a little extra tourqe out of the motor and ive had the motor in the car for over a year now and i havent had a problem ,i know it sounds crazy the way i did it but it worked . also if you run with a 727 tourqe flite trans you can use 1959 dodge trans mount , my moto is -if it works -go with it . i think its cool that your a mopar fan like me . just take your time and dont let your nosy niehbors rush you o.k.

  3. hey erik if you have any more questiones about that car just e-mail me at mel12272@yahoo.com and im sure i can tell you what you want to know because believe me ive been there and done that on my 59 dodge ok.

  4. -I’d be puttin’ some sorta Hemi in that Coronet. just because………. And Plum Crazy Purple the paint job…..

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