Hotchkis Adjustable shocks

Hotchkis Adjustable Front shock upgrade from KYB
Hotchkis Adjustable Front shock upgrade from KYB

After the successful rear Bilstein shock upgrade on the ’73 Dart, I decided I had to upgrade the KYB shocks on the front as well.
Decided to purchase a pair of adjustable front shocks from Hotchkis.

Again, similar to the rear shock upgrade, the results were remarkably positive. The car now handles like a how a more expensive modern luxury car would tackle speedbumps.
Gone are the days that one has to really slow down enough for speedbumps to prevent maxinf out the suspension or slamming the K-member onto the road, while other traffic can just ride over them.
No more ‘drama-afterhandling’ when encountering speedbumps ‘at speed’. The car handles the bumps very controlled and mature. A real upgrade for any classic old car.


  1. I realize this is n old post but was wondering what the hotchkis part # was for those shocks? Thanks

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