6.1L SRT Hemi engine build

6.1L Hemi

October 27, 2014 BigBlockMopar 2

For ‘some reason’… a 6.1L Hemi has found its way into my stash. Come on, who else could pass up on an engine that delivers 425 horsepower in stock form…? 😉 Some assembly required ofcourse.

image of 5.7L Hemi Head milling

5.7 Hemi progress

December 7, 2013 BigBlockMopar 0

The heads of the 5.7 Hemi were milled about 0.020″ for some added compression ratio. An important thing is the actual finish of the milled heads. Multilayer Headgaskets require a smoother finish than regular composite [more … ]

5.7 Hemi engine block

5.7L Hemi project

December 5, 2011 BigBlockMopar 1

This is a 2004-2006 5.7L Hemi. This motor served as a donor for another 5.7L Hemi-motor by giving up 3 pistons and a head, but is otherwise in seemingly nice condition. The damaged parts from [more … ]

5.7L Hemi engine build

Hemi Dart

December 5, 2011 BigBlockMopar 3

Now I know what it’s like to drive around with a Hemi Dart… Comfy! Well, maybe I should say ‘a Hemi in a Dart’… as the motor wasn’t exactly helping to propell the car forward [more … ]

392ci Early Hemi engine build

392ci Early Hemi

December 10, 2008 BigBlockMopar 0

The engine has been bored and honed and awaiting assembly. October 2006… Just got back from a day of driving around the country hauling back a Dana60 rearaxle and the 392 Hemi-engine. I like the [more … ]