v10 Model Engine MegaSquirtv3

V10 model engine running on MegaSquirt v3

July 18, 2017 BigBlockMopar 1

1/3rd scale model V10 engine 125cc. Powered by MegaSquirt MS3 fuel injection with full sequential ignition using COPs. 3 stage dry sump oil system. The buildthread of this engine can be found here; ModelEngineMaker.com

Crank trigger log TunerStudio MegaSquirt

Crank trigger sensor testing

August 14, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

For testing the crank sensor on my 360ci engine build, I mounted the pulley-assembly on the lathe and spin-tested it, while checking its signal through the MegaSquirt ECU and a laptop; Here’s a little videoclip [more … ]