A518 - Installing TransGo Reprogramming kit

A518 TransGo reprogramming kit

February 2, 2014 BigBlockMopar 2

Some time ago I acquired an A518 Overdrive-transmission with stall convertor Lockup-function. Before replacing this transmission inplace of the current A518 in the Dart, I decided to install a TransGo TFOD-HD2 Reprogramming Kit to improve [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart next to 1970 Plymouth Superbird at SixPack Speedshop

Comparing colors…

January 15, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

Compared the orange color of my Dodge Dart against that of an original Plymouth Superbird today in front of SixPack Speedshop in Wateringen, The Netherlands. Looks like somewhat of a match, except for some gloss [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart - 17" wheels

Wheel upgrade on the Dart

September 13, 2013 BigBlockMopar 0

Recently bought a set of Showwheels Thrashstars through www.RookieParts.nl. I wanted a little lighter wheels and some better handling tires under the car, so I opted for these wheels as they where available in the [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart at Dyno at Ludwig Performance

Dodge Dart Dynoday

May 13, 2013 BigBlockMopar 0

Somewhere in May this year I put my Dart on the dyno at Ludwig Performance to get a baseline comparison-number from it’s current poweroutput. I didn’t expect much of it because in ’73, these puny [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart custom dash gauges

73 Dart dash-upgrade

March 12, 2013 BigBlockMopar 2

A few of the gauges on the original dash of the Dart weren’t operational anymore, and frankly I didn’t like the squarish speedometer unit. So I decided to create a custom dash. I never liked [more … ]