Dodge Dart Rustrepair

1973 Dodge Dart Rust repair
1973 Dodge Dart Rust repair

The time has come to face the serious situation at hand and something I had posponed for a long time already… Rust, rust and some more rusted metal!
I knew the rust had to fixed quite soon as I noticed the car’s body had developed a lot more squeeks over time, which ment that there were some structural issues at play.
With the help of a friend we started digging in into the car’s driversside rearfender and wheel-arch panel. We decided not to use the entire left rear fender panel as this would most likely mean work. So the large panel was cut in pieces and welded piece by piece into the car.
Below the surface all was not well either. The inner rockerpanel was rusted badly at the rear and had to be rebuild first.
The same happened to the inner wheel-tub and the trunk floorboard.

Finally after about 2 weeks of evening- and weekend workingtime, the Dart was rustfree again. At the left rear that is…

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