440 Engine Build - Offenhauser dual quad intake, Edelbrock heads, Hooker headers, Moroso 11mm sparkplugcables

440ci BigBlock Mopar enginebuild

December 29, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

In September 1998 I started the rebuild of this 440 engine. 440ci (1966) w/ 0.030″ overbore. ‘915’ heads w/ home port&polish. 2.08 / 1.74 MP valves. KeithBlack Hypereutectic Pistons (237), zero-deckheight. 0.040″ piston/head clearance. 11:1 [more … ]

5.7 Hemi engine block

5.7L Hemi engine

December 26, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

In 2011 I found a 5.7L Hemi for sale. Thinking this would be a nice engine-upgrade for the ’73 Dart to replace the 318ci. Upon first inspection the engine was missing some parts, as was [more … ]

Engine teststand 360 engine

360ci Engine Teststand progress

October 19, 2017 BigBlockMopar 0

Made some progress on the engine stand I’m building to break-in the 360ci engine. A removable battery-tray has been added and a simple ‘click-on’ cooling fan. Currently there’s only some wiring left to do, along [more … ]

Crank trigger log TunerStudio MegaSquirt

Crank trigger sensor testing

August 14, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

For testing the crank sensor on my 360ci engine build, I mounted the pulley-assembly on the lathe and spin-tested it, while checking its signal through the MegaSquirt ECU and a laptop; Here’s a little videoclip [more … ]