1964 Chrysler NewYorker Salon

1964 Chrysler NewYorker Salon - sepia
1964 Chrysler NewYorker Salon – sepia

1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon

Headers for a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon
Thought about making some headers, ’cause no-one else does for this car…

Cutting up 2 sets of headers provided a lot of tube-material.
One set headers was for a b-body Mopar, the other of a ‘Class A Motorhome’, from which I used the collector-pieces…

Rear-axle cleanup and improved driveshaft

DiscBrake-conversion (1973 Chrysler parts)

The car is currently in storage behind the garage because a number of other projects came rollin’ in.

1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon

Also before the car went into storage, the 440-engine has been removed from the car as plans have changed.
At first I decided to make room for my 496″ stroker engine, but this engine has now been ‘down-tuned’ for now and will find it’s way into ‘Project-60’ for the time being.


  1. Good reading.
    My brother just bought a 9-of-10 New Yorker like yours. Disc brakes upcoming.
    He’s got a 2 door New Yorker hardtop in my garage (Canadian Hotrod)..Needs fixing.
    Thanks for the good information. We shall amass pieces.
    Lee Samuelson
    Wetaskiwin, Alberta

  2. Currently I’m trying to sell my ’64 NY because I’ve just got too much projects going on in my garage at the moment. But no many are willing to buy a project car these days and especially not a ’64 Chrysler model.

    Good luck with the brakes. What type of system are you going to install?

  3. What rotors did you use? I have a 63 new yorker wagon I’m interested in putting discs on.

  4. I used ’73 Chrysler rotors. The Aimco partnumber is in the pics above, ‘5307’.
    You have to upgrade to 15″ wheels when using these rotors though.

  5. Awesome car! I just got a ’63 300. What wheels/tyres are you using at the back, they look spot on fitment. I wondered the width and backspace…

  6. The wheels in the pics are cheap and simple black painted chrome modulars which a friend of mine had once modified the backspacing on for his ’70 Roadrunner.
    I recall the wheels are 8J with about 4.5″ backspacing.
    The tires are Mickey Thompson I-profile tires, size is around 205/60/15″.
    I also have a pair of 325/50 tires which also fit fairly well on these wheels.

  7. i have a 1964 300..i want to put brakes on it…wld this set up work also…what would the braksets you made cost..thanks

  8. Hi Brian,

    There are some other possible choices available when it comes to discbrake-upgrades on these cars.
    If you have 14″ wheels and you want to retain them, you’re better off with a brake-system from some of the real vendors like AAJ, ECI Brakes or Scarebird.
    With my adapter plates and the 11.75″ rotors you have to use 15″ wheels.


  9. i have a 64 4door new yorker im my? is how much are these cars with and my other ? is well a set a 20′ fit under it!!! and where can i find more parts info in-case i want to fix it. my car runs and drives very well for a push button car i love that part of it. but im just missing some parts for it like speed cable,and need a new steering wheel! well thanks for your time matlock north platte nebraska

  10. Im gonna be doing the disk swap on my 64 chrylser 300. any tips? i remember your first write up had the full parts list. Do you still have that? i know there were some spacers and what not.

  11. I am in the market for a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon in driveable condition. I want to have one restored but need one in decent shape to keep costs down. This has been a life long dream . I am 58 and think I can finally afford to do it. Thanks for any replies!

  12. I have a botton operated 1964 New Yorker 4 door in running condition silver in color 54000mi. Great engine original 413. everything is original. ! No body damage, upoulstry needs redone everything else interior/exterior in perfect condition. Located in Mesa, Arizona phone number 4804401476 Ask for SHANE. Thank you for your time.!

  13. I have a’64 Chrysler New Yorker 4Dr. in great condition inside, outside and under the hood. Runs very well. Super smooth ride. Located in Houston, TX. Phone is 832-245-8484. Accepting offers. Will send pics.

  14. Either fabbing your own set or modifying an existing set of headers is pretty much the only affordable way to go with these cars unfortunatly.

    I have a set of shorty headers on the ’60 NewYorker, but with the 500″ stroker under the hood they still are a good restriction in the system.

  15. I have a 63′ New Yorker 4dr with a 413. Where and what kind on headers can I get for this thing? Shortys will work but I can’t find which ones will fit. Please help. Thanks

  16. Shorty headers are the easiest way to go in these cars. They won’t provide the torque-gains a set of full length of headers will provide but are still much better than the factory log-manifolds.
    The shorties will fit with just a slight modification to the front driverside tube or engine mount.
    I used Hedman Shorty’s on my ’60 NewYorker.

  17. Nice. You wouldn’t happen to have a part number for me would you? I’m hopping to get them on and bend up an exhaust before winter hits. Thanks again

  18. I don’t have a partnumber at hand at the moment as it was a number of years ago when I bought them. I do recall they were only about $135 at Summit back then.

  19. Hey guys i have a 64 300 and i know some of you want headers on your car. Well after a long time of reaserch i found some. Headman headers makes a pair of headers for us chrysler guys.

  20. Hi Glenn,

    My main concern with the set I made earlier was that the tubes ran way too close to the steeringbox.
    I was worried this would heat up the box and the oilseal located in there too much.
    The clearances were so tight that the only way too prevent the header-tubes contacting the steeringbox and torsionbars, was to use solid motormounts on the engine.
    Also the tubes were not the same length. The rearmost cylinders had way shorter header tubes then the front most cylinders. This wouldn’t help making the engine breath any better as exhaust-pulses would be fighting eachother when entering the collector. I think a set of shorty headers would still perform better in that regard.

  21. Hi. is that driveshaft custom made or where i can buy same kind?? need get rid of that crappy original u-joint. Thanks

  22. They don’t make them like they use to. An upgrade like this only makes them better. I have my dad’s 64 New Yorker. Purchased May 1964 in South Carolina. Now resides in Georgia. All original except front right fender and doors, (and I have the originals). I’ve been trying to get this back on the road for awhile but don’t have the time to finish it. New brake system including booster. Engine runs but has a couple of lifters that are sticking. I have another 64 for parts. Anyone interested?

  23. I was wondering if you could make me a set of brackets or send me the dimensions and stuff so I could have a set made?

  24. Hey its chad again. we talked a few years back about your disk swap. i lost all the part numbers and it seems like the pics that has all the part numbers are gone. do you still have those pics somewhere? and do you have a file for that plate?

  25. Hello Chad,

    I still have all the pics available.
    Photobucket has recently decided to stop hosting pictures on other websites out of the blue, which caused thousands of websites with broken links these days.

    I will have to reupload all the pics to my own site first to get them working again. Big job.

    I have a file for the adapter plate but I recall it was still not quite perfect yet. My ’64 Chrysler projectcar never got finished and I’m now making plans in taking the car apart and use most of its suspension parts and possible floorboard on my ’59 Dodge.

  26. For Mike, posting from June 22, 2015:
    Do you still have the 1964 Chryslers? I may be interested in one or both cars.
    Looking for a good hood and a few other parts, thanks.

    Big Block Mopar – have you used the parts of your 1964 on your 1959 yet? I would love to see the progress. Thanks.

  27. Hi John,

    No, the ’64 is still in storage and I haven’t been able to work on the ’59 Dodge at all still.
    Things like life, and work, and life, and of course work and such always get in the way 🙂

  28. I’ve got a 1964 Chrysler 300k and want to update with disc brakes……… how did your upgrade go?

  29. Same with my 1964 Chrysler 300K…. If my factory headers don’t hold up I’ll price some together. Good luck on your project…Ken in Vegas

  30. I’ve got a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker I need a part for. I’m looking for the chrome strip with name plate from the top of the rear trunk lid. I need to know if anyone has one and what the cost would be for it. Alex in Oklahoma

  31. Alex
    Are you talking about the one above the trunk lock? the one with the three gold crowns in the center?

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