1973 Dodge Dart roof image in Black Paint

1973 Dart Painted roof

September 19, 2019 BigBlockMopar 0

After the primer had settled and dried, the roof got painted gloss black. Because of the nice, vinyl-like structure of the primer, the finish of the roof in black was to my liking. The roof [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart at the dynocell at Ludwig Performance on 'DynoDay 04'

Dodge Dart – DynoDay #4

September 14, 2018 BigBlockMopar 0

Had the Dodge Dart on the chassis-dyno again last monday at Ludwig Performance in Hillegom, The Netherlands. This is DynoDay number 4 already! The very first DynoDay with the 318ci engine ‘managed’ a shameful 145hp [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart Rear sheetmetal fix

’73 Dart Rustrepair

November 1, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

The rust-issues on the daily Dart are becoming slighly ‘worrying’. Reason for me to start of repairs in the form of a simple patchpanel, formed from a flat piece of sheetmetal. Ofcourse I should have [more … ]

6.1L SRT Hemi engine build

6.1L Hemi

October 27, 2014 BigBlockMopar 2

For ‘some reason’… a 6.1L Hemi has found its way into my stash. Come on, who else could pass up on an engine that delivers 425 horsepower in stock form…? 😉 Some assembly required ofcourse.

A518 - Installing TransGo Reprogramming kit

A518 TransGo reprogramming kit

February 2, 2014 BigBlockMopar 2

Some time ago I acquired an A518 Overdrive-transmission with stall convertor Lockup-function. Before replacing this transmission inplace of the current A518 in the Dart, I decided to install a TransGo TFOD-HD2 Reprogramming Kit to improve [more … ]