Mopars @ La Baraque

October 11, 2015 BigBlockMopar 0

Today was one of the last meetings of the year. This Mopar-only meeting was held at Party-center La Baraque near the town ‘Zevenhuizen’.

Mopar 360ci engine

July 26, 2015 BigBlockMopar 0

What has the world come to…?! A smallblock on! Am I getting soft in the head? Well, as I recently had decided the 5.7L Hemi engine-project was too big [more … ]

Broken torsionbar

December 2, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

Today’s commute to work started off with a loud bang. The driversside torsionbar had snapped near the front. Driving around with a snapped torsionbar makes one value a proper working [more … ]

6.1L Hemi

October 27, 2014 BigBlockMopar 0

For ‘some reason’… a 6.1L Hemi has found its way into my stash. Come on, who else could pass up on an engine that delivers 425 horsepower in stock form…? [more … ]