1973 Dodge Dart - Cracked frame rails damage - Right Side

Frame rail damage

May 11, 2018 BigBlockMopar 2

A few years ago I had noticed some cracks in the frame rails on the driverside and just a tiny crack at the rightside frame rails. Now during the 360-engine swap I noticed the rightside [more … ]

CSP H4 9003 HB2 LED headlights

LED Headlights

April 14, 2018 BigBlockMopar 0

Installed a pair of LED (CSP H4 9003 HB2) headlights on my Dart recently to hopefully improve illumination and lessen the load on the car’s electrical system at the same time. At this point I [more … ]

LED turnsignal lighting in the '73 Dart

LED turnsignal lights

January 28, 2018 BigBlockMopar 0

Got another pair of replacement ‘1157’ turnsignal LEDs for the fronts with more LED-elements. While not quite visible in the photo, they emit noticably more light. The longer design with the cooling ribs provides a [more … ]