1. Hello Sir,
    would you have (and share) by any chance the AFR & Spark Ignition table of your 6.1L please?
    My father-in-law has mounted one on an AC Cobra and has some engine issue around 2000rpm at around 40%.

    If you had the equivalent to what you made for the 5.7 that would be AWESOME!

  2. Hello Ghislain,

    3rd Gen Hemi’s do not need much timing, as opposed to the 2nd gen Hemi’s, or other engines of the ’60s.
    I don’t have a 5.7 or 6.1 Hemi running yet but I do have located 2 timing maps for suppossedly a 5.7 Hemi from a 2006 Dodge Magnum.

    These engines seem to use 2 timing maps, one for Closed Loop operation and one for WOT-operation.

    See links below;

    5.7L Hemi ignition timing map 2006 Dodge Magnum

    5.7L Hemi ignition timing map 2006 Dodge Magnum

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