496ci 8/71 Supercharged stroker engine build

Starting out as someone’s “Living room home decoration”, this 1976 440ci engine was bored .030″ and fitted with a 4.15″ stroke crank.

BigBlockMopar 496" Supercharger Stroker engine block
BigBlockMopar 496″ Supercharger Stroker engine block

– 496ci stroker engine build with 8/71 Kühl Roots supercharger
– 4.15″ stroke 440Source crank and strokerkit with H-beam rods and Diamond pistons.
– 8/71 Kühl blower

Block machinings:
– Engine block decking;
– .030″ Overbore;
– Cylinder honed;
– Main bearings line bored;
– 2.5″ Concrete fill in the engine block’s water jackets.

The engine block had to be clearanced at various places so the rods would clear the engine block due to the increased crank stroke;

After file gapping the piston rings to proper clearances, further assembly was done.

The 440Source.com 4.15″ stroker crank got a 2nd keyway milled and the entire piston, rod and crank assembly was balanced.
An overview of some of the parts which will find their way in and onto the engine block;

BigBlockMopar 500" blown stroker engine
BigBlockMopar 500″ blown stroker engine