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Crank trigger sensor testing

August 14, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

For testing the crank sensor on my 360ci engine build, I mounted the pulley-assembly on the lathe and spin-tested it, while checking its signal through the MegaSquirt ECU and a laptop; Here’s a little videoclip [more … ]

360ci cam-degreeing

360 engine update

August 13, 2016 BigBlockMopar 0

Got a few things done on the 360 engine build; – Modified and mounted a windage tray from a later model smallblock. – Fabbed a baffle inside the new oilpan to prevent oil-slosh on hard [more … ]

Mopar 360ci engine

July 26, 2015 BigBlockMopar 0

What has the world come to…?! A smallblock on! Am I getting soft in the head? Well, as I recently had decided the 5.7L Hemi engine-project was too big of a project to technically [more … ]