1973 Dodge Dart – Strutrod bushing repair

1973 Dodge Dart Front strut rod bushing
1973 Dodge Dart Front strut rod bushing

Found out today there was something wrong with the front suspension. The car wandered slightly to right when braking, and highspeed braking result in a heavy vibration.
Suspecting something wrong with the strutrod bushing, I found the passenger-side front strutrod bushing missing. It had torn itself away from behind the large washer.
I also disassembled the other side and noticed that bushing was starting to tear around the center already too.

Since I didn’t have new ones laying around, I used a pair of polyurethane front leafspring bushings to create them into strutrod bushings with my lathe.

After mounting every back again with some molycote grease I took the car for a spin around the block. Everything was nice and tight again and the car felt safe again during hard braking.

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