Hemi Dart

5.7L Hemi engine build
5.7L Hemi engine build

Now I know what it’s like to drive around with a Hemi Dart… Comfy!
Well, maybe I should say ‘a Hemi in a Dart’… as the motor wasn’t exactly helping to propell the car forward by being in the trunk…

The Hemi is a 2004-2006 3rd generation 5.7L Hemi with 345 hp and 375 ft/lbs of torque.
I’m currently trying to find out how well this motor might fit into the Dodge Dart and if I’m going to wire it with EFI or not. Main condition is the motor will need to able to run on LPG.
Since the Dart has powersteering and powerbrakes, room is limited under the hood and might pose problems installing the motor.

The motor itself is incomplete at this moment. It’s missing 3 pistons which the previous owner used in another Hemi. Also the throttlebody and 3 coilpacks are missing.

5.7L Hemi


  1. Hey- I saw your post about putting a newer Hemi into a Dart. I was wondering if you were able to do it? I was considering doing that same mod. If you were able to do it, any major hang-ups?

  2. Hello Bobby,

    I haven’t started the swap yet.
    A lot of things come into play with such a newer engine.
    Besides the electrical stuff and engine controller, I also have to change the powersteering into a rack&pinion system to clear some exhaust tubes.

    It will be a while before I’ve sorted things out on this project.

  3. I am at presant working on a old school hemi which i am going to put it in a 1969 dart .it will be a 481 cubic inch with a munci trans rock crusher a ford 9 inch in the rear .every thing purchased from hotheads racing and performance they have been great with me even Eddie Hains has helped quit a bit with emails. on diferant questions.hope to start in spring and be done by mid summer. and i can take it to moparfest in newhamburgh Ontario i.m starting with a fresh dart from the south.

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