1973 Dodge Dart - C-body discbrake upgrade

Dart Discbrake upgrade

June 27, 2012 BigBlockMopar 2

The existing brakes on the ’73 Dart are doing their job fairly well, but the parts were getting old and worn. And when at one time I noticed a slight pull on the steeringwheel, because [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart - Hellwig swaybar

Hellwig Swaybar

March 11, 2012 BigBlockMopar 0

The Dart came without a swaybar at the time I bought it, and it had a nasty tendency to suddenly oversteer while cornering. Especially on wet roads, the car would just ‘dive-in’ and the rear [more … ]

8-3/4 rear axle housing narrowing

8-3/4″ rear axle narrowing

January 22, 2012 BigBlockMopar 1

I’ve recently started making a beefier, 8-3/4″ replacement rearaxle for my ’73 Dodge Dart. The car’s current rearaxle is a flimsy 7-1/4″ version, with huge backlash on the gears, worn out drums AND only a [more … ]

5.7L Hemi engine build

Hemi Dart

December 5, 2011 BigBlockMopar 3

Now I know what it’s like to drive around with a Hemi Dart… Comfy! Well, maybe I should say ‘a Hemi in a Dart’… as the motor wasn’t exactly helping to propell the car forward [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart - interior seats, console and carpet

’73 Dart progress

December 5, 2011 BigBlockMopar 0

Covered the inside floor of the Dart with 3 coats of liquid rubber compound which turns into a solid layer of rubber when dry. Also added some extra half inch thick rubber mats on flat [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart - 17" wheels

1973 Dodge Dart Swinger

October 20, 2011 BigBlockMopar 0

Daily driver since 2011 Click here to view all the recent updates on the ’73 Dart Engine Specs: – 360ci engine – 11.3:1 compression ratio. (was: 318ci stock (mid ’80s roller engine)) – LPG Propane [more … ]

1973 Dodge Dart - Rear axle housing narrowing

Rear axle narrowing

September 19, 2011 BigBlockMopar 0

Since the ’73 Dart came with a flimsy 7-1/4″ rear axle with only 4″ boltcircle axles, I decided to upgrade to an 8-3/4″ rear axle in case I ever decide to some upgrades in the [more … ]