1973 Dodge Dart – Suspension Movement Videoclip

1973 Dodge Dart - Front Suspension
1973 Dodge Dart - Front Suspension

Here’s a videoclip of my ’73 Dodge Dart showing the movements of the front suspension during a short drive around the garage.

Nice view of the workings of the suspension system which consists of 1″ torsion bars, Hotchkis adjustable shocks and Hellwig swaybar.
I had just replaced the front strutrod bushings and was going for a testdrive.
During the testdrive a number of speedbumps were encountered which were taken at speed.
At 5:15 into the videoclip (about 17:22 movietime) I’m doing a couple of firm braketests and it surprised me how much the polyurethane bushings still compress.
Also noticed the swaybar bushings have some play.


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