Dodge Dart exterior maintenance

1973 Dodge Dart primered roof 2nd coat
1973 Dodge Dart primered roof 2nd coat

I opted to wrap the sides of the Dart with vinylwrap.
But in order to do this ‘neatly’, the sheetmetal had to be straightened a bit and any bumps and dips smoothed out.
One thing let to another, and a week had gone by before most of the panels had become straight enough and got a layer of paint to apply and adhere the vinylwrap too.

But when I lifted the roof vinyl to have a peak under the ‘bubbling’ vinyl, I found the previous repairs about 6 years ago, started to need some attention again.
Because moisture had been creeping up under the vinyl, a lot of the bondo had gotten soaked and start to rust the underlaying metal again.
Contemplating about what to do, I decided to take off the vinyl from the entire roof completely.

After removing all the glue-remains, I started prepping the roof with a primer again, so I can apply paint on the roof shortly.

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