1960 Chrysler NewYorker discbrake conversion

1960 Chrysler discbrake conversion using 1973 Chrysler rotor and caliper
1960 Chrysler discbrake conversion using 1973 Chrysler rotor and caliper

The drum brakes on the ’60 NewYorker are still in good working order, but with 500 cubic inch under the hood, some added safety in the form of better brakes is not a bad idea.

I didn’t like the fact that no affordable discbrake conversion were available that had a nice large 11.75″ diameter disc rotor.
So I set out to see if I could retrofit a 1973 Chrysler discrotor. These are relatively cheap and easy to find new.
Another thing I wanted, was to keep the original spindles on the car.

Bearingsizes are different on a ’60 Chrysler and ’73 Chrysler, so I made a simple collar to slide on the ’60 spindle so the original ’73 bearings would fit securely.
After that was done the disc could be mounted and further mockups could be made.
I also used 1973 brake calipers and brackets, which were mounted to the spindles with homemade adapter plates and spacers to align the calipers correctly to the rotors.


  1. Hello! My name is Jeramey. I have an 86,000 original mile ’60 Chrysler Windsor! I have been trying and trying to convert the front to disc brakes, but like you said there is no kit and I am stuck…could I ask you a few questions?

  2. Hi Jeramey,
    There are a few options available these days. For instance AAJ Brakes makes kits.
    Scarebird I think also has brackets available to mount on drumbrake-spindles.

    But ‘most’ conversionkits still use the ‘wimpy’ small disc-rotors.


  3. Thank you that helped! And you’re right scarebird has the brackets I need…thanks again and beautiful car!

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