To the Drive-In Cinema with the ’57 Chrysler

Drive-In Cinema Schiedam
Drive-In Cinema Schiedam

A group of people recently organised a number of Drive-In Cinema-events on the premises of a local Gin distillery called ‘Nolet Distillery’, located in the town of Schiedam. The location is also the site of the worlds tallest windmill called the ‘Nolet’.

Amongst some 60 other ‘new’ cars, we were the only ‘old’ car with the Chryslers 1957 year of production. As such the organisation provided us with the best seat/space in the house, right in center in front of the cinema-screen. This gave us the prefect view on the screen, with no other cars in front of us.
The movie shown was the James Bond film ‘Spectre’.
During the movie, food and drinks were brought to the car from a local McDonalds.

The sound of the movie was broadcasted through a reserved FM-radiosignal to be picked by the car’s radio. Luckily the car already had a modern radio in it with a subwoofer doing its thing in the trunk, so the soundquality was perfect.

We expected a chilly evening a nighttime temps were expected to be fairly low, so blankets were brought along just in case. But the ’57 Chryslers cloth upholstery kept the inside nice and warm long enough to last the entire movie.

This all resulted in a very nice evening “at the local Drive-In”.

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