3-4 years of timing chain wear

318ci Small block Mopar Timing chain wear
318ci Small block Mopar Timing chain wear

Some 3-4 years ago I replaced the worn out stock timing chainset in the Dodge Dart’s 318 engine for a new set. After the timing set replacement I immediately felt an improved low rpm torque and throttle response.

At the time I just installed a simple stock-style chain set as the engine would be destined to be replaced anyway.

Now, just a small number of years of daily driving later I noticed the low rpm torque-improvements were seemingly gone again. Just prior of the 360-engine swap, I decided to dive back into the engine to have a peek.

What I found was a timing chain that had a considerable amount of play again. This play retarded the camshaft some 4-5 degrees.

I installed a slightly used double roller chain set with a three-way crank sprocket. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to degree the cam properly, but decided to install the timing chain in the 4° advanced position.
The engine now feels, although minor, like it has regained it’s lost low rpm torque again.

Stock style, cheap $40, timing chain sets are not worth their money.
They’ll wear and retard the camshaft enough in just a few years, in what a factory stock timing chain would take years to do.

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  1. Ik heb al een aantal van die timing sets vernieuwd.
    Cloves was het merk. Heb alleen in bijna alle gevallen de autos een paar jaar daarna of al eerder verkocht. Zal het de volgende keer in gedachten houden

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