360ci engine camshaft break-in

360ci engine stand
360ci engine stand

This weekend plans were made to break-in the 360ci engine.
The pistons and rings had already been run before in this engine, so it was mainly the camshaft, lifters and new valvetrain parts that needed to be broken in.

5 gallons of 102 octane pumpgas was bought to make sure the engine would not detonate during the break-in process.
Ridiculous expensive stuff to buy overhere, but worthwhile during the important first steps of the engine.

After fixing some small leaks and a clogged acceleration pump squirter in the carb, it was time to start up the engine and immediatly bring it up the rpms to start the camshaft and lifter break-in process.

During the process, after some 10+ minutes, the engine’s temperature slowly climbed to 215° F, at which point I shut it down to cool off.
During the run I had already increased the timing advance to about 40°, but the electric fan couldn’t keep the temps down. Mostly also because it was only partly covering the radiator so cooling was not optimal.

The second half of the 20-minute break-in run went in similar fashion and the engine was shut down when temps reached 210° F again.
But enough time was spend during the break-in at around 2000-2500rpm.

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