73 Dart dash-upgrade

1973 Dodge Dart custom dash gauges
1973 Dodge Dart custom dash gauges

A few of the gauges on the original dash of the Dart weren’t operational anymore, and frankly I didn’t like the squarish speedometer unit.
So I decided to create a custom dash.
I never liked the cheap looking plastic/aluminium edged Autometer or Autogauge gauges, but after some looking around a bit more I found a number of chrome bezeled gauges I liked from Equus. Used these to create a new dash from an angled sheet of aluminium.
Below is a mockup of the dashboard in the car. The plan is to top off the dash with a black finish when all the gauges and lights have found their locations.


  1. How did your dart dash turn out. I have a 73 swinger model and I’m having a hell of a time trying to find an after market gauge cluster for it.

  2. Hi Eric,
    I have made no improvements or refinements to date on this dash.
    Doubts about changes and what to add have put this plan on the back burner.

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