New arrival: ’59 Dodge Coronet

1959 Dodge Coronet
1959 Dodge Coronet

A new project entered the garage recently in the form of a 1959 Dodge Coronet.
I bought the car a year ago in the US but because a lot of it’s chrome was still at the chrome platers, shipping took longer than hoped for.
The car came with 17″ wheels from CenterLine with 225/50 and 275/50 Nitto tires front and back. These wheels will be mounted on my ’65 Chrysler 300 convertible soon.

The car’s exterior looks reasonably straight but eventhough the floors have been ‘fixed’ by an unexperienced person with a welder, they all need replacing to be done right.


  1. Hello Mark,

    There is currently no engine or transmission in the car.
    The car will most likely receive an early ’60s aluminium transmission with a 413 or a 440 in front of it. I don’t have any plans made up for a motor yet so time will tell I guess.

  2. my trans is a 1972 chrysler wagon 727 big block trans ,rebuilt ofcourse. with a shift kit,and stall converter. i just used an old 60 s HURST FLOOR mounted automatic shifter.

  3. man that looks like a nice 59 dodge. i wish you could see mine its red and black .a lot of people ask me if its christine . but its not but that dont matter i like it. mine sounds really heathy. man i love that car . 50s mopars are awsome!

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