Chrysler Electroluminescent dashboard lighting

Just some examples of Chryslers’ Electroluminescent dashboard lighting, used in a select number of early ’60 car-models, like Imperial, Chrysler and the ’66 & ’67 Dodge Chargers only.


  1. Hello
    Do you know where I can get parts to service these guages. I’m working on a 67 charger and will need some parts…..Can you help ???? Thanks in advance

  2. Hello Roger,

    Search around a bit on the ForwardLook forums. I believe there is mentioning of someone rebuilding these things properly.

    Beware of the voltage regulators you can find on Ebay, as they sometimes put out too much voltage and can ruin the dash with that. Do not buy these.

    Here’s a link to search the ForwardLook easier with, as thier search engine is lousy.
    Enter the following line of text directly into the Google-searchfield:
    site: dash oscillators

    Or here’s a direct link to one the topics on that forums about this subject;


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