Custom bullet grille for the ’57 Chrysler

1957 Chrysler Custom bullet grille
1957 Chrysler Custom bullet grille

Some time ago I bought 5 bullet-cones from Wirth Automotive and mounted them in the grille opening. I thought it looked ‘ok’ from an angle, but downright silly when viewed head-on.
The bullets were just too small to properly fill up the grille-opening.
Then I tried a clean shiny grill-plate one day just for kicks. Replaced the hood-moulding for a chrome-version aswell.

Found it a good improvement over the painted grille but since I still wanted to have bullets in the grille so I continued to work on it.
In an effort to give the bullets some more ‘body’, I used some aluminium rings I made from Xerox-copier drum-ends.

But it was still not yet to my liking.
Then it hit me: it just needs more bullets!
So I added 4 more and then things started to come together!

Only thing left was blacking out the grille plate, which I actually wanted to do all the time.
I think I’ve at least started hitting the nail on the head a bit here…

Now I’m thinking, perhaps a couple of more bullets would work aswell, no..?

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