Carburation upgrade on the ’57 Chrysler Windsor

1957 Chrysler - 354 poly engine 2bbl-to-4bbl conversion
1957 Chrysler - 354 poly engine 2bbl-to-4bbl conversion

After the trip to the RDW (local DMW) I had found the engine of the ’57 Windsor didn’t pull at all. Although the 354ci Polyspheric engine revved nicely in neutral, it lacked major power during acceleration and hardly got out of it’s own way when in gear.

So it was time for an upgrade in the Power Department!
The little 2-bbl carb on the motor was releaved of duty and it’s intake was removed aswell.
At first I had installed a dual quad Weiand intake and two Carter carburators. But since these carbs were 625 CFM each, the result was the engine couldn’t be run properly. Since I didn’t have a pair of smaller CFM carbs, I had to change the intake to the single four barrel version I had lying around from my 392 Hemi.
Topped of with the original Carter carb from my 1960 NewYorker, the engine now idles nicely. Some more fine tuning is still needed at the moment.

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