500ci Supercharged stroker motor

BigBlockMopar 500" blown stroker engine
BigBlockMopar 500" blown stroker engine

The block has been machined. The following machinings have be done:
– Decking;
– .030″ Overbore;
– Cylinder honing;
– Line-bore;
– 2.5″ Concrete fill in the waterjackets.

The 440Source.com 4.15″ stroker crank has gotten a 2nd keyway milled and the entire piston, rod and crank assembly has been balanced.
An overview of some of the parts which will find their way in and onto the engine block;

Blower motor Supercharger set and engine parts

Blower motor engine block


  1. Does this supercharged stroker work on the above piston or the pistons needs to be changed since the engine is spercharged

  2. The strokercrank works with the pictured pistons, but I’ve also added thick headgaskets to lower the compressionratio some more.
    With regular headgaskets the compression ratio would be around 9.2:1. With the thick Cometic multilayer headgaskets it will be around 8.5:1.

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