496ci Stroker with Longram intakes

BigBlockMopar 496" Supercharged Stroker engine build parts
BigBlockMopar 496" Supercharged Stroker engine build parts

496″ Longram stroker engine (re)build pics:
– 440, +.030 oversize
– “Hawks Racing” 4.15″ stroker crank, H-Beam rods, 10.5:1cr Diamond-pistons.
– Edelbrock heads (84cc)
– CompCams XR274R-10 – Mechanical Solid Roller cam, 236/242 @.050 Duration, Lift .564/.570

The engine block has to be clearanced at various places so the rods didn’t hit the block…

Then after file gapping the piston-rings to proper sizes, further assembly was done.
A first a camshaft was chosen which I had laying around (Ultradyne mechanical cam, 255 @ .050″ w/ .582″ valvelift) but this was changed later for something milder that worked better with the LongRam intake manifolds.
Still 2 years later I decided to run a solid roller cam in the engine.

Further mockups and assembly…

After contemplating in which car I wanted to put this engine, I ended up deciding for my 1960 Chrysler NewYorker.

I have also installed a set of LongRam-intakes on the engine in the car, so I had to alter a couple of things on the engine before this would fit. Therefore I’ve changed the cam for a more milder hydraulic grind which works better with the longram intakes.

1960 Chrysler NewYorker - 496ci stroker engine with longram intakes
1960 Chrysler NewYorker – 496ci stroker engine with longram intakes


  1. Cool setup! So what cam are you using? I am building a similar setup and having trouble deciding on a cam…

  2. Hi Dave,

    I used a little above stock cam in this motor. Don’t know the specs exactly as I bought it used with all the lifters in place.
    If I had to guess I think the cam is in the 268 to 272 adv. duration region. Pretty tame.
    I did use 1.6:1 ratio rockers to increase the cam’s lift a bit.

    In the mean time I have bought a roller cam to be used in the motor, but haven’t gotten around installing it yet.
    The roller has the following specs:
    CompCam XR274R-10 – Mechanical Roller
    Advertised Duration 274/280, Lift .564/.570

    I’m not yet sure how well this cam will work with the longrams, but with 500 cubic inches on tap for streetuse only I don’t think I won’t loose much power anyway.

  3. Good to see longrams in place. Have two pair with the carb heaters butchered-off my p.o.
    Set of short rams too.
    Intend to do a build-up ona 440 wit Holley propane carburetion
    Lee in Alberta

  4. Hello Lee,
    Propane is widely used over here aswell. It’s about 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper then regular gas here.
    Short rams are cool. I’ve got 2 pairs of longrams.
    At the moment the longrams are off the ’60 NY’er for the time being, and a dual carb inline intake has been installed instead. Since I’ve just installed a mechanical roller cam, I’ll be adjusting the valves a couple of times probably. Without the longrams in the way this will make the job a lot easier and faster.

  5. Hi, I dig your oldcar stroker setup!
    I linked into your site from Moparts where you had a clever comment on making a ball joint tool. Great to see that there are Mopar enthusiasts in many European countries!

    Kind regards
    Oeyvind Mostad / Norway

  6. Former owner of the ’60 New Yorker checking in on it… glad to see that it got a fine engine to replace the failed 413. Long rams were my dream for the car, and I’m pleased to see that it happened, even if it took better hands than mine to make it work!


  7. -Now THAT is the shit!!!! GREAT to see a Sonoramic Commando intake bolted on and looking to be used! -That 496 and that intake are making GOBS of torque!

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