1960 Chrysler NewYorker – Rear suspension restoration

aRear suspension - new poly urethane shackle bushings
Rear suspension - new poly urethane shackle bushings

Plans were made to go over the entire suspension of the NewYorker. This is something I do with every ‘new’ car that enters the garage.
Starting at the rear, everything at the rear suspension was inspected and then decided to be removed, blasted and a nice fresh coat of paint to be applied.

Removal of suspension parts;

Scraped and wire brushed away any loose crud and undercoating;

Fresh paint on the floor boards;

The original rear axle had a noticable amount of play and the rear drums are no joy to service, so I replaced the entire rear axle with a later model which was cleaned, prepped and painted, as well new brake parts were installed.
New poly urethane bushings where installed in the painted leaf springs and everything was installed again.

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