Mopar Rear Axle Dimensions

This page covers rear-axle sizes of passenger cars and pickups from Dodge, Plymouth, Imperial and Chrysler.

All measurements are from drum to drum: Sorted by length
1966-1972 A-body 57-1/8″
1962-1963 B-body 58-1/2″
1964-1967 B-body 59-1/2″
1970-1971 Imperial 59-3/4″
1968-1970 B-body 60-1/8″
1970-1974 E-body 61-5/8″
1965-1969 C-body and 1965-1970 A100 Vans 61-3/4″
1965-1966 Imperial 62″
1967-1969 Imperial 62-5/16″
1970-1971 C-body and 1971-1974 B-body 63″
1965-1971 D100 pickup 64″
1969 C-body wagon and 1971-1973 B-body wagon 64-3/8″
1970-1973 C-body and 1972-1974 D100 pickup 64-3/8″

Rear Axle widths, drum-to-drum: Sorted by body-type/model
A BODY ’66-’72: 57-1/8″
B BODY ’62-’63: 58-1/2″ (And ’64 Max Wedge)
’64: 60-7/8″ (Exc.Max Wedge)
’65-’67: 59-1/2″
’68-’70: 60-1/8″
’71-’74: 63″
’71-’73 wagon: 64-3/8″
C BODY ’65-’69: 61.75″
’70-’71: 63.0″ (Chrysler & Fury)
’70-’73: 64-3/8″ (incl. ’69 wagon)
IMPERIAL ’65-’66: 61-15/16″
’67-’69: 62-5/16″
’70-’71: 59-3/4″
’72-’73: 64-9/16″
E BODY ’70-’74: 61-5/8″
A100 ’65-’70: 61-3/4″
D100 ’65-’71: 63-15/16″
’72-’74: 64-3/8″

8-3/4″ Axle Shaft lengths, from the splined end to outside flange end:
A BODY ’66-’72: 27-11/16″
B BODY ’65-’67: 28-7/8″
’68-’70: 29 3/16″
’71-’74: 30-5/8″
’71-’73 wagon: 31-21/64″
C BODY ’65-’69: 30″
’70-’71: 30 5/8″ (Chrysler & Fury)
’70-’73: 31-21/64″ (incl. ’69 wagon)
IMPERIAL (Large Bolt Pattern) ’65-’66: 30-1/8″
’67-’69: 30-5/16″
’70-’71: 29″
’72-’73: 31-7/16″
E BODY ’70-’74: 29-31/32″
A100 ’65-’70: 30″
D100 ’65-’71: 31-1/8″
’72-’74: 31-21/64

8-3/4″ Housing Widths, from one end to the other end:
A BODY ’66-’72: 52-5/8″
B BODY ’62-’63: 53-1/4″ (And ’64 Max Wedge)
’64 : 55-5/8″ (Exc. Max Wedge)
’65-’67: 54-1/4″
’68-’70: 54-15/16″
’71-’74: 57-7/8″
’71-’73 wagon: 59-7/16″
C BODY ’65-’69: 56 3/4″
’70-’71: 57 7/8″ (Chrysler & Fury)
’70-’74: 59 7/16″ (incl. ’69 wagon)
IMPERIAL ’65-’66: 57″
’67-’69: 57 3/8″
’70-’71: 54 3/4″
’72-’73: 59 5/8″
E BODY ’70-’74: 56 31/64″
A100 ’65-’70: 56 3/4″
D100 ’65-’71: 58 5/16″
’72-’74: 59 7/16″

Spring perch distance/widths (center-to-center)
A BODY ’66-’73: 43″
B BODY ’62-’70: 44″
’71-’74: 47.3″
C BODY ’65-’73: 46″
E BODY ’70-’74: 46″

Dana 60 rear axle dimensions and specifications
[table] Bodystyle,Housing width,Flange to flange,Spring perch distance,Sure-grip type,Yoke type
’66 B-body,54-1/4″ housing,59-3/8″ axle flange to flange,44″ perch,23 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,1330 U-bolt yoke
’67 B-body,54-1/4″ housing,59-3/8″ axle flange to flange,44″ perch,23 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,1330 strap yoke
’68-’69 B-body,54-15/16″ housing,60-1/16″ axle flange to flange,44″ perch,23 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,7290 yoke
’70 B-body,54-15/16″ housing,60-1/16″ axle flange to flange,44″ perch,35 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,7290 yoke
’71-’72 B-body,57-7/8″ housing,63″ axle flange to flange,47.3″ perch,35 spline Track-Lock Sure-Grip,7290 yoke
’70 E-body,56-31/64″ housing,61-5/8″ axle flange to flange,46″ perch,35 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,7290 yoke
’71 E-body,56-31/64″ housing,61-5/8″ axle flange to flange,46″ perch,35 spline Track-Lock Sure-Grip,7290 yoke

(If anyone notices an error or something wrong in the above listings, please leave a message below or contact me and I’ll update this page with the correct information)

Exploded view images of Mopar rear axles and components;


  1. I recently purchased what appears to be a 71-72 B body dana 60 rear. Can this rear be used in a 70 cuda? I know spring perches are to be reloctaed a tad, but will the extra width ( approx 1.5 ” ) cause issues with 15″x7″ wheels and P235 60 BFG T/A radials? Date code: 8 13 061 and BOM #: 603222 2. Anyone? Much appreciated, Matt

  2. Hello Matt,
    If the current wheels have plenty of space towards the fender edge, the wider rearaxle will pose no problem. If you don’t have more then 1.5″ of space, you’ll probably need wheels with a different offset.

  3. Thanks for the input. Will mount tires tomorrow and check. If not, may sell axle to fund correct model. I hear the 71-72 axle is even more rare than the e-body models.


  4. Matt i am looking for a 71-74 b body dana 60 if you still have, email me with pics and demenision.

  5. Hey, im wondering if it is a surtain way the Flange with the Nut and washer have to be set correctly in the Pinion? Example if i took it out and forgot where it should be how do i adjust it after the rear axle gear ratio, and how tight the nut should be tightned to in Foot-pounds so i dont damage the Crush sleeve. (after the last owner he took it of and i need to replace it back to its original position and tightnes) sorry for not spelling correctly.
    or does need a repair by a professional mechanical enginer?


  7. Hi Tony,

    You cannot use newer axles in the old housing. The bearings are different in size, aswell as the axle housing ends.

    I have no experience with pickups myself but I don’t think the axlewidths changed very much over the years in the ’60s. I think you should be able to swap a newer axle under there without much issues.

  8. Looking at a 70 B body rear end to put under my 62 Dart 440.
    It’s 60 1/8 wide and I want to put 275/60 r15 on American racing wheel on it.
    I have an 8 1/4 1977 cop rear end under it now.
    Also will the drive line work or do I need a different one?

  9. I like this site, straight answers, my 72 dart has 7 1/4 rear and i have a 66 charger 8 3/4 what do i need to do with wheels and tires to make this work? thanks geo

  10. hey what other axles will fit under a 66 dodge dart, and what all will I have to change to switch to disk brakes on the front

  11. building a rear for 65 sport fury, is the 46″ center to center on spring perches correct and do you know the perch angle

  12. I have a 1967 Coronet big block car. 727 trans. I have at my disposal the stock 8 3/4 non sure grip rear and a 1978 Ford F100 4×4 9″ 31 spline axles, nontapered housing non trac lok. I don’t know wether to leave them stock, narrow them, use one over the other, and if trac lok/ sure grip can be added and which has the gear ratio I need and if that can be changed? I don’t know much really. Need help! The leaf springs have been relocated to under the frame rails, so perches will have to changed.

  13. I have 64 D100 and would like to swap out the rear end differential. Anyone know what other rear end will fit my truck?

  14. Hi!
    I have a 1971 charger B body with 8 3/4 differentiel!
    Will a 1975 Chrysler Newport C body differentiel fit the charger ?

  15. Hi I have a 65 Plymouth Valiant the car had a slant 6 I want to install a 340 V8 and an auto. My question is will a 727 auto physically fit in the car with out major floor modifications. Thanks for your help

  16. i have a 1962 dodge d100 and I’m looking for a rear end swap for it. direct bolt on if possible and suggestions? nothing wrong with the one i have other than three studs are broken off the drum and i want to eventually go disc brakes on the back later in my build.

  17. Hi,
    I have a 1971 Charger whit 383 4 barrel. Before the car arrive Norway ,there was put in a 2.76,whit a 742 case to replace the original 3.23. Do you now what case that would normale be in this care? 741 or 489?

  18. I have a 1958 Imperial 4 door and want to convert the brakes to all disc. What rear axle should I be searching for that will give me disc brakes. My standar axle has a 2.93 ratio. Any help is appreciated

  19. Hi Brian,
    Not sure when exactly, but ’90s and newer Jeeps have discbrake rear axles, but they have mostly 4.5″ bolt circle. Which would be different from your Imperial’s larger boltcircle.

  20. Hi I am looking for a rear end out of a 72 to 74 D100 pickup or 70 to 73 c body or one out of a 69 c body wagon or a 71 to 73 b body wagon.
    I am in the North Bay aria can any one help me find one. Thanks. Bob Keith

  21. I have an 8 3/4 rear end housing that measure ~56 1/2. Looking at the chart, it looks like it would be a 70-74 E body. The thing that had me wondering is the lug pattern. The axles that were in it had a lug pattern larger than 5×4 3/4.
    It came with a 742 stuffed with 2.94 gears on a sure grip.
    Any thoughts on what it would be from?

  22. chris I think the rear end is imperial I know in mid 60’s they were 5×5! but don’t ware springs should b.

  23. That’s how I found the listing.
    I don’t know the original axle widths of the later years so it’s better to leave it out than to provide wrong information.

  24. Hey hello, i have a question about rear axle for my plymouth satellite 73 400, here i have found a exploded view from the 9-1/4 rear axle. And now my question: what is the best way to separate one side of the housing from the differential. The shaft isn`t in center on the right side and i will disassemble. It would be great become an answer here by the mopar community.

  25. I sent my steering gear box off with car quest to rebuild in my 72 roadrunner. When I get it back 2 months later and now it is one inch short.they called me wanted vin number year and model. I think they sent me the wrong one back. Why would it be one inch short and how can I fix the problem. Thank for helping

  26. Have a 1971 plymouth duster was wondering the biggest rear end that will bolt up with no modifications to the car

  27. There are a lot of Questions, and not a lot of Answers. But, WTH, I’ll ask anyway…

    I have a ’59 Dodge D100, my 15yr old daughter’s chosen first vehicle. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to need a new rear axle for a disc conversion (studs on drums). I’m having a hard time finding any information that dates back that far. I guess it’s an 8.75, and I’ve been told that it has a 410 ratio. Also don’t know, but have been told it has a DANA 60, whatever that means. It won’t go over 45pmh, and I’ve been told that it needs “taller gears.” Not sure what to put in it, since I don’t know anything about the gearing. I just know that she needs to be able to get on the highway without getting run over. It’s a 4 on the floor, and I would like it to be able to cruise at 80mph, @2000-2500RPM without the truck screaming. Has a 318 V8 with a sticker on the valve cover touting 200HP, so matching the low HP to the proper gearing is going to be a priority.

    I’m looking for sound advice, reliable resources, sites to purchase from, referrals, etc. ANYTHING would be appreciated.

  28. chad,

    Find a service manual for your year vehicle. That is the best source of information besides someone with first hand experience.

    If you decide to dig into the truck yourself, just keep track of exactly how you took everything apart. That will allow you to learn from your mistakes. Make mistakes in the garage so they won’t happen on the road.

    If you aren’t getting above 45mph in any gear, that problem should be found before anything is replaced. It may be the axle ratio that is the cause. Whoever told you it needs taller gears definitely thinks that’s the solution, but you should understand the true cause of the issue before finding a solution. Your disc brake conversion will cost alot, i assume you also need new wheels if you’re to be using a new stud pattern. All i mean is, it’s expensive, so don’t expect new parts to fix what was already wrong with the truck.

    Find a vintage car specialist near you, even a 100 mile drive is well worth it for first hand experience.

    Once you can get it up to 95mph, you’ll probably take another good look underneath the truck.

    Work smart, not hard.

  29. Hi I’m looking at ordering a dana 60 for my 1972 dodge D100 through moser this week. It had an 8 3/4 in it from factory that i removed and I haven’t modified anything in the suspension besides installing new oem leaf springs in the stock location. When ordering my dana 60 do I use the same dimensions as the 8 3/4 or hope their tech line can help? thank you

  30. Hey there….kind of a silliy question….I just had a guy restore my 1973 D100 and he put a new rear end (ford 9″) and disc brakes on the back…I measured the distance (outside of tire to outside of tire) and the front axle measures 78″ but the rear now measures only 74″….shouldn’t they be the same distance?

  31. anyone know where I can find 70s B van rear axle info, perch angle and measurements, Thanks

  32. What is the inside drum to inside drum measurement on a 1966 plymouth fury wagon??? Any help would be appreciated thinking about a axle swap.

  33. I have a 1970 Dana 60 8 lug rear end out of a D200 are there 5 lug axle out there that I swap into it, so I can install it into my Late 1965 Dodge D100 so I would have heavy duty rear end.

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