1965 Chrysler 300 ‘Parade Car’

413 cubic inch, 4-bbl carb

3-Speed 727 Automatic

Rear Axle
8-3/4″ 742-axle w/3.23 Suregrip gears

– Remote driverside mirror
– Power Seats
– Power Windows
– 200-kph Speedometer
– Converted into ‘Parade Car’

This car was eventually parted out.


  1. Hello Fred,

    Thanks for the notification.
    I recently moved the pics to another location on my server, but had forgotten this page linked to them.
    I will restore their links so they’ll work again.

  2. My question may be long overdue, but this site jumped up when i was looking for bumpers for my Chrysler Newport 1965.
    So i thought why not ask, no you have, yes you can get.
    Do you stil have parts from this car, or is it sold already years ago?

    Greats, Peter

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